Программы для закупочно-логистических процессов в компании.
Программы для работы транспортных компаний.
Программы для транспортных компаний
Программы для медицинских учреждений.


Project «Procurement and Logistics Systems» is the project of developing special software systems designed to control the processes of purchasing, selling and transportation of various goods in small companies.

We do not offer box software ready for work. Main principle is – individual approach to each particular Client and to its business process.

Having more than 20-years experience, we hardly believe that it should not be a universal software in procurement and logistics area. Each company has its own specific details.

We are learning these detail , analyzing them. And then we are developing perfectly working individual solution determined specially for this Client and affiliated companies of Client.

An individuality does not mean nevertheless that the solution is made from scratch. Obviously, that there is some functional skeleton, which is adapted to the client’s need. A lot of little nice tricks are used to make a work a very comfortable.

Our experience shows that a special attention to be paid to the process of implementation. Even a very experienced programmer-developer is not able to understand in details all business process of client during the short period. It is possible only in case of developing and implementation the software together with the client’s representative.

We do not ask Client to present detailed Technical Order for the system. We need only a short description of business process. Then, during tight work with the client, step by step we are building required functionality for software.

As a result of such joint creativity we get a real perfectly working and comfortable product which  is utilizing by users with a pleasure.

Another principal of the company lies in achieving ultimate simplicity of the software. Even relatively inexperienced users will become confident after several times and will certainly enjoy working in this program on their own. Our software solutions are determined for small companies with 1 to 100 users